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Working with TechNovus was a game changer for ECONCEPTS and the team. We had to upgrade our skills to meet the technical challenges posed by the intense and advanced technological requirements of the team. At the administrative level, we enjoy the professionalism and agility of the TechNovus leadership and management team, who make it easy to translate business requirements into manageable pieces of work.

Dr Abbas Badran


Our collaboration with TechNovus has been an exciting journey of exploration and innova-tion. We are thankful to be partners with such a forward-thinking team. 




Nabil Abbas

Luner Inc., Canada


For nearly two decades, the TechNovus team have been innovating and delivering transformative solutions in:


Digital health platforms | Brain computer interfaces | Neuro feedback


Data mining | Data analytics | Business process re-engineering


Cyber security | Blockchain architecture | Artificial intelligence


New age 3D media for live events | Virtual worlds | Augmented reality


AI body measurement solutions | Virtual fabric sensing | Subscription commerce


Therapeutic interactive art | Art and wellness products | Mindfulness art therapy


At TechNovus, we develop and deploy innovative, disruptive and new-age digital solutions that leverage artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, the internet of things and other emerging technology trends. 


But what does that mean? 

It means we support every stage of turning an idea into reality. We offer consultation and business development in early-stage ideas - from conceptualisation, research and development, to the deployment of innovating technology applications and platforms. And we do all this at unrivalled costs. 


An approach that works


We partner with experts around the globe who share our passion and commitment, world renowned scientists and engineers that help us to deliver ground-breaking innovative solutions in science and technology. This is how we are able to deliver ideas rapidly out of the lab and to the people for whom they are intended. 

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