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Virtually Live is an entertainment company enabling fans to virtually attend live events across multiple devices and platforms, creating experiences for fans that are more immersive, personalised, and social than ever before. Virtually Live’s patented media technology creates CGI experiences by tracking live physical events and transposing the action into a rendered virtual environment.


WINAM is a simple yet unique EEG analysis method for identifying neural biomarkers of different brain states in both health and disease. Using affordable wireless headsets, monitoring brain health for mental wellness will become as ubiquitous as activity tracking for physical fitness. It even allows for epilepsy seizure prediction and detection.


The Virtual Mobile Laboratory (VML) is an advanced database management and analysis platform for collaborative medical cases analysis. It is built with scalability and security from the ground up, offering all the benefits that come with cloud architecture, big data analysis, and remote accessibility. It enables the remote review and management of medical data including EEG, MRI, and CT scans and others.


The Brain Forum brings together world leaders in science, technology, healthcare and business to advance our understanding of how the brain works and to accelerate the application of that understanding to human needs. Its vision is to create a platform that would contribute to the progression of brain research and encourage global collaboration and initiatives with the potential to transform lives.


For the past two decades, the team at TechNovus have been innovating and delivering transformative solutions across a range of sectors. Here are some examples:


TechNovus is currently working on the development of Mezura AI, an Artificial Intelligence powered body measurement platform that enables users to measure and track their body proportions and well-being indicators, while keeping this information in a secure database.


The potential applications for Mezura AI are vast-cutting across the retail, wellness and fitness industries, and with a particular relevance during the current global pandemic.


Using radar technology to capture breathing and intelligent cameras to capture heart rate, TechNovus has developed BREATHE London - a mindfulness art experience, using art scenes from the Royal Parks of London.


BREATHE is designed to help reduce stress and improve unwanted mood states. Users are immersed in a calm, peaceful place and are encouraged to feel present in the moment while focusing on relaxing and breathing deeply. BREATHE has a range of potential applications. 

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